Taking the Environmental Planning Board Exam (Part 2): Tips and Resources

The post was updated on June 2019.

Basic Preparation for the Environmental Planning Board Exam

I echo other people’s views: you cannot be perfectly ready for a board exam.

However, it may be more difficult for takers of the 2019 2020 Environmental Planning Board exam. You are required to hold at least a Diploma degree in Planning, so exam questions may be harder.

If you are planing to take the exam, you should:

Train yourself in exam-taking strategies.

Multiple choice questions can be hacked using elimination strategies. You may be tempted to guess your way out of the exam early. You may also be overwhelmed by the barrage of items unknown to you.

Having exam-taking strategies will help calm you down and work around not knowing everything.

Use concept maps and diagrams in reviewing.

I did not have a big whiteboard or manila paper of lists in my walls; I had the CLUP Process cycle. Diagrams like these will trigger your thinking at sight.

Always be ready to take notes. Also, find time to organize and see the big picture of the local planning process.

Read and read and read.

Developing reading comprehension is key for the board exam, especially with layered multiple-choice questions. Land use planning is a concern for every citizen, so even after the exam, the things you learn are essential as general knowledge.

Pray and believe.

Simple yet powerful, prayer reduces doubt. God has given us the opportunity to seek His help anytime, so let’s.

Have any questions about God? Read this.

Key Resources for Environmental Planning Board Exam Review 

The following were my go-to visited resources as I prepared for the exam.

EnP Jean Palma’s blog,

This is the motherload of EnP exam resources. If Thanos hunted for EnP knowledge instead of infinity stones, EnP Jean’s blog will be Wakanda.

Copies of Practice Exams

I was able to get copies of 2014 and 2015 practice exams from different review sessions. I used the practice exams not as a knowledge builder but as method training.

The last multiple-choice exam I took was in college, so I needed to train myself in answering these types of questions again.

Slides of SURP lectures.

Friends who finished SURP subjects also gave me copies of slides from their courses. Thank you!

I took two basic courses in SURP during my masteral studies, so having the slides to these courses in my backup files proved helpful.

Email me and I’ll share these to you.

Prof. Ernesto Serote’s books and manuals.

Property, Patrimony and Territory“; “Rationalization of the Local Planning Structure“; “The HLURB CLUP Guidebooks.” EnP Jean dubs these as the “planning Bibles.”

Spending time reading these books and manuals are not only for exam purposes. Knowledge of these manuals reveal the intricacies and complexities of local government structure and planning.

Strategies on taking multiple-choice exams.

Board exams are acceptably broad in coverage. It measures a person’s qualification for knowing the profession, not being an expert. As such, you may be disappointed that topics show up at random.

Training to eliminate choices from multiple choice questions is a good safeguard.

Increase your urban planning knowledge by following these sites!

Call to Action

I can share some of my files with you. Just drop me an email.

Taking the Environmental Planning Board Exam was a milestone for an early career person like me.

I hope you pass the exam!

But, if you fail, know that it is just one way towards success. You can choose alternate routes!

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