October is National Local Government Month in the Philippines!

As long as I have dreamed of being an Environmental Planner, I have become interested with how local development planning in the Philippines works!

This is why #LocalGovernmentDay and #LocalGovernmentMonth is so close to my heart!

I believe in the potential of local government units to spur economic development in the country, if only our leaders become transformational.

To contribute to #LocalGovernmentMonth, I posted on Facebook about some of the most interesting local government topics for me.

I also shared some reading materials for your reference!

If you are my subscriber, you received these first!

It is my hope that these will encourage your support for our local government units!

Don’t miss out!

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Suggested References on Local Government

Book Theme: Happy City

Local governments are key to redesigning urban areas towards happiness. I enumerate four important themes from the book that are essential for Philippine cities.

Read now!

Why the Local Elections are Important

A special article I wrote to advocate voting for the 2019 Philippine Elections. My favorite quote: “visionary local executives understand the urgency of updating long-term land use and development plans.”

Read now!

DILG Reports and Resources Page

Local government planning is both a technical and political exercise. The resources from DILG are available in digital form for both new and seasoned officials. I listed the page in my compilation of knowledge sites for environmental planners.

Explore DILG page!

Video: 7 Principles for Building Better Cities 

Local governments are always accommodating growing populations in spite of climate change, disaster risk and urban sprawl. This Youtube video, along with others in my playlist, will give you a global perspective of our local issues.

Watch Video on Youtube!

Teng-Calleja et al. (2016). Transformation in Philippine local government

An international paper that examined the “challenges, enablers and outcomes of organisation transformation in Philippine local governments.” In short, an inspiration piece for local government executives towards transformational leadership.I cited it in my post about local elections.

Go to paper download page!

Should I write detailed posts about any of these? Tell me in the comments!


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